Crunchy biscuits, meringues, wafers…

Explore a wide range of gourmet treats with our artisan specialities…

No added colourings or preservatives

All of our biscuits are made with quality natural ingredients, sourced in France.

The Lot, the heart of South West France…

The place that gives the Biscuits du Quercy their distinctive character.

A childhood memory,
the gourmet strawberry

Two new flavours to try,
with a sweet and tangy taste
that will make you fall in love.


Known as one of the French greats in artisan meringues, the Biscuiterie du Quercy boasts a wide range of recipes and varieties…


The traditional treat from “Maison Gazaud” (the former name of the Biscuiterie du Quercy), our wafers are a modern take on a biscuit of yesteryear that are too good to turn down…

Crunchy Biscuits

The Biscuiterie du Quercy’s latest range of crunchy biscuits is one of the most varied on today’s market…

Organic Biscuits

For over 20 years, the Biscuiterie du Quercy has been a specialist in organic biscuits. Today, the organic selection includes around ten different products and is constantly evolving and being enriched with new additions. We can call upon our expertise to expand our range in terms of your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any new biscuit ideas.

Biscuit-making expertise
since 1967

For 50 years, the Gazaud family
has been passing down
Quercy’s biscuit-making expertise
from father to son.

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